Turn your Smart TV into a digital signage display

Turn your Smart TV into a digital signage display

Digital signage on a Smart TV: it doesn't get any easier!

Looking for the easiest way to setup a digital signage system? Use a Smart TV! Just open the TV's web browser app with your remote control, enter the web address of your Bizplay channel and... voilà! It's playing! It's affordable and incredibly easy to mount anywhere you like. No need to connect a "player" or install any software.

Digital signage on a Smart TV: it doesn't get any easier!

A smart choice for...

Smart TV's are a smart choice for menu boards, social media walls, news, weather, calendars, and much more. This content is very easy to setup using Bizplay apps that will tap into your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram feeds as well as news feeds, weather forecasts, Google and Microsoft calendars. Pair it with a Bizplay Smart subscription to get the most out of your Smart TV.

Tip! If you want to make your signs more dynamic with video and animations, then we recommend connecting a dedicated small player (like an Asus Chromebox) to your TV, since Smart TV's often don't support video playback in their web browsers.

A smart choice for...

Manage from anywhere

Once your Bizplay channel is playing, updating your content is super easy as well. Login to your Bizplay account and on your dashboard make any changes you like to your content. Your changes will be shown automatically and almost instantly on your TV while it's playing. You could even make these changes from a smart phone on the beach, sipping a cocktail: just manage your content from anywhere.

Manage from anywhere

Bizplay Apps

Enjoy a wide variety of Bizplay apps that let you include content from all kinds of online services in your Bizplay pages.


Show your recent timeline posts as individual messages or on a social wall.


Show your or other people's tweets as individual messages or on a social wall.


Don't let your latest Instagram pictures go unnoticed: add them to your Bizplay channel with the Instagram app.


Show your recent Yammer posts in the groups of your choice as individual messages or on a social wall.


Play the YouTube video you like.


Are you hosting your videos on Vimeo? We got you covered with the Vimeo app.

Streaming Audio

Make your channel more lively by adding streaming audio from your favorite web radio station.

Web Page

Embed a internet or intranet page of your choice in your Bizplay channel. This gives you ultimate flexibility.


Automatically turn a folder full of images into a self-running slideshow.


Using Google Calendar or Office 365 Calendar? Then this app enables you to show your scheduled events.

Google Traffic Maps

Show a Google Map of a region of your choice and -if you like- add a live traffic layer.

QR Code

Give your audience quick access to more information on their mobile device by generating a QR code for them.


Show the current date in any textual or numeric format like.


Show the current time of any place in the world. Or you can even use this app to create a countdown timer.


Create overview pages with multiple Bizplay channels to easily monitor if the right content is playing. This is also a very convenient app to create video wall setups.


Show the RSS feed of your choice as a ticker or individual articles.

My Data

Transform any text you write into individual articles or a ticker. You can even pick text from files on your Dropbox account.


Show the latest news from sources around the world as a ticker or individual articles.


Daily and hourly forecasts from anywhere in the world.

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